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Date Presentation Presenter Transcript
2014 Curtin’s first war Professor Deborah Gare X
2014 Good for the soul: John Curtin’s life with poetry Dr Toby Davidson X
2012 The secret life of Elsie Curtin Associate Professor Bobbie Oliver X
2011 Curtin’s battle for Australia: relevant questions for 2011 Graham Freudenberg X
2008 A missed opportunity: the Curtin-Roosevelt meetings and Australian American relations Dr Steven Casey X
2007 Still looking to America: Labor and the US alliance Dr Michael Fullilove X
2006 John Curtin as war leader and defense minster Professor David Horner X
2006 Saving Australia: Curtin’s secret peace with Japan, and launch of the book Mr Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, Consul-General of Japan in WA X
2006 The US/Australia alliance: why it’s still relevant Professor Ross Terrill None
2005 John Curtin: a war casualty if ever there was one Dr Michael McKernan X
2004 A crisis of national meaning: prime ministers and the dilemma of Australian nationalism Dr James Curran X
2003 John Curtin: internationalist Professor Marilyn Lake X
2003 War and peace in Australia:

  • Curtin and Labor’s full employment promise;
  • From aliens to Austr(aliens): a look at immigration and internment policies;
  • Families and food: wartime tucker
Dr Tim Rowse; Dr Nonja Peters; and Michal Bosworth X
2002 Stand by your man: Australia’s prime ministerial wives Dr Lenore Coltheart, National Archives of Australia None
2001 From Curtin to Beazley: Labor leaders and the American alliance Professor Peter Edwards X
2001 In search of John Curtin Dr John Edwards X
1998 Gallipoli embezzlement and a death in the bush: John Curtin’s first war Dr David Day X
1997 Glimpses of John Curtin Dr Geoffrey Serle X