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Home and travel

Curtin’s home

This online resource is based on a small exhibition which was displayed in the JCPML from June to September 2010. The Curtin’s modest home in Jarrad Street, Cottesloe served as both a working office for John Curtin the politician and a place of refuge and leisure where he could relax with family and friends.

On track: John Curtin’s railway journeys

John Curtin had a lifelong link with train travel. Experience train travel as it was from 1917 when the trans Australia line first spanned the continent until the mid 1940s. Images, film clips and the memories of the people who travelled with John Curtin bring this story alive.

Visiting John Curtin at home: 24 Jarrad St , Cottesloe

Houses and their furnishings can suggest a great deal about the people who inhabit them. Visit John Curtin at home in his Jarrad St house, built in 1923 and purchased by the Federal and West Australian Governments in 1999. Photographs, video and sound help to bring to life the story of the Prime Minister’s modest home in Cottesloe. There’s an exploration activity with interactive quizzes for those who want to learn more.

War & peace: rationing & rebuilding: 1940s life in Cottesloe, WA

Explore what it was like to live in John Curtin’s home community as Australia moved from war-time privations to peace and growing prosperity. Covering everything from getting around, keeping in touch, school, work and having fun, this resource contains a wealth of information, plenty of anecdotes and images and online activities for the adventurous.